Dom's Iron Sandwich: Unboxing Trivium's new Ember To Inferno vinyl box set

Dom Lawson

Originally released in 2003, Trivium’s debut album Ember To Inferno is about to be re-released on super-snazzy deluxe five-vinyl box set, dubbed Ab Initio. It doesn’t just contain the album, it includes the three coloured demos (Ruber, Caeruleus and Flavus) from the early days of Trivium…

But what does it look like?! We hear you cry from your keyboards and phone screens. Well in this special edition of Dom’s Iron Sandwich, Hammer’s resident Big Beardy Bloke does his first ‘unboxing’ video that are apparently all the rage on the internet, and explains in detail why Trivium kick maximum arse. Check it out.

Ember To Inferno is available December 2, via Cooking Vinyl. It can be pre-ordered via Trivium’s website.

Trivium – Ember To Inferno: Ab Initio album review