Cypress Hill and London Symphony Orchestra to bring The Simpsons joke to life?

Cypress Hill The Simpsons

Twitter is a weird place, full of nostalgia and bickering strangers in equal measure. It gets even weirder when real-life famous people start getting on board the nostalgia train, causing millions of people to collectively say “Ohhhhh yeah!”

Enter Cypress Hill.

Almost 20 years ago, Cypress Hill joined Sonic Youth, Peter Frampton, Smashing Pumpkins and more in one of the greatest Simpsons episodes of all time, the Homerpalooza episode, in which Homer goes on tour around America having a cannonball fired at his gut. Because sure.

But it also gave us the classic exchange between Cypress Hill and the London Symphony Orchestra, which they may or may not have ordered while high.

And so, Simpsons fans across the globe were sent into spasm went not only did Cypress Hill post a picture from the Homerpalooza episode on Twitter, but the London Symphony Orchestra got in on the act too!

So far so self-referential, but then things got weird and it looks like an actual collaboration between the two is going to happen! The Simpsons is predicting the future AGAIN!

Cypress Hill sliding into the London Symphony Orchestra’s DMs isn’t a sentence anyone thought they’d read, but you just did, because it happened. We don’t know what was said between the two groups, but we weren’t the only people to notice. Josh Weinstein, the showrunner on the Homerpalooza episode, decided to get involved!

And London’s Barbican Centre even offered their services to put on the show!

We’ve got no idea if anything will actually materialise, but just imagine how awesome it would be for a gag in The Simpsons to come true 21 years later. It’s just a matter of time before Mr Burns blocks out the sun.

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