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Classic Rock 214: New albums A-L

All our album reviews, A-L.

Backyard Babies: Four By Four

Blank Realm: Illegals In Heaven

The Bohicas: The Making Of

The Hirsch Effekt: Holon: Agnosie

Hollis Brown: 3 Shots

Buckcherry: Rock N Roll

The Chocolate Watchband: I’m Not Like Everybody Else

Diamond Dogs: Quitters And Complainers

DragonForce: In The Line Of Fire... Larger Than Live

Disturbed: Immortalized

Eureka Machines: Brain Waves

Frank Zappa: Dance Me This

Geoffrey Oi!cott: Sticky Wickets

Ghost: Meliora

James Leg: Below The Belt

Lynyrd Skynyrd: One More For The Fans

Classic Rock 214: New Albums

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