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The Hirsch Effekt: Holon: Agnosie

Progressive German-sung genre-defying mash-up.

Part three of the band’s Holon trilogy, the Hirsch – or should that be Harsh? – Effekt continue to do their damnedest to avoid pigeonholing by combining everything from mathcore and death metal to jazz and post-hardcore pop into a collection that’s bound to be lapped up by the alternative cognoscenti.

Able to conjure up soundscapes of mesmerisingly ethereal beauty – opener Simurgh and piano-led Tombeau – alongside completely bonkers squigglecore wig-outs, the real skill on show is the ability to maintain a consistent and powerful band identity.

The album’s ultimate statement is, suitably enough, the epic nine-minute closer Cotard – a complex construction of aggressive dissonance fused to soaring, delicate tunefulness. Holon: Agnosie is imaginative, bold and just way, way out there.

Classic Rock 214: New albums A-L