Geoffrey Oi!cott: Sticky Wickets

Cricket-based punk shenanigans to crease you up.

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There’s a long tradition of great cricketing songs, from King Short Shirt’s classic calypso Vivian Richards to Jiggery Pokery, the Duckworth Lewis Method’s whimsical tribute to Shane Warne, and it’s unlikely Geoffrey Oi!cott will be adding to that number.

Sticky Wickets continues the band’s long-held tradition of mixing stodgy punk, sporting metaphor and sexual innuendo to briefly diverting effect (see ‘Bounce my balls along your crease, concentrate and time release’ on Seams To Me), but the album won’t be troubling the scorers.

On the upside, there’s a lovely tribute to sadly departed darts commentator Sid Waddell on Sid Lives (‘He was a real hero, a regular guy, now he’s gone to the oche in the sky’). Over.

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