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Lynyrd Skynyrd: One More For The Fans

Guest-studded two-CD live recording of Atlanta benefit.

The modern-day Skynryd (and guests) returned to the scene of their One More From The Road 1976 live triumph with purposeful intent.

The Don Was-led house band, at various points featuring John Hiatt, Jason Isbell, Cheap Trick, Gregg Allman, to name a few, ensured a rousing celebration of the 30-million-selling canon largely shaped by absent friends.

Peter Frampton’s Call Me The Breeze proves an unexpected standout and the quality throughout is high. Cheap Trick bring terrific tension and velocity to Gimme Back My Bullets, and Allman’s haunted and lonesome Tuesday’s Gone proves the perfect set-up for a three-song finale ending with an all-star Sweet Home Alabama.

The DVD version has the late, great Ronnie Van Zant onscreen for the finale but it’s a credit to all involved that his spirit is evident throughout.

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