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The Bohicas: The Making Of

Back to the future. Again.

If you could go back in time, most people would buy a major stake in Facebook. London’s The Bohicas, however, sound like they’d take a Black Keys album back to 1967 and turn the tripping hippie shag freaks on to the testes-scorching power of modern blues rock.

Like Donovan dancing with the devil, tracks on this meaty pop debut album – such as I Do It For Your Love, Where You At and Girlfriend – merge Age Of Aquarius melodies and intergalactic psych warps with gritty blues riffs that sound like Jack White turning slowly to stone.

On paper it sounds too heavy to fly, but silvery slivers of ELO, Nirvana, boyband rock and the odd geek pop tune like Only You and The Making Of keep the whole thing buoyant, not least because singer Dominic McGuinness occasionally breaks out the syrupy yank-pop intonation of Brendan Benson or Fountains Of Wayne’s Chris Collingwood. The 60s don’t know what they’ve got coming.

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