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Babymetal voted Metal Hammer magazine cover of the year

Over the Christmas period Metal Hammer readers have been voting for their favourite magazine cover of 2015 and Babymetal has won with an overwhelming majority.

In 2015 we released 13 issues with the biggest and hottest names in metal gracing the cover – Iron Maiden, Slayer, Parkway Drive and Slipknot to name a few. But when we asked the Metal Hammer online community to vote for their top magazine cover of the year it came as no surprise that the Fox God’s representatives on Earth have claimed the number one spot.

The magazine itself has long since sold out, so congratulations if you managed to snap up a copy! You can read the cover story below though…

Babymetal: When Worlds Collide

The top five Metal Hammer magazine covers as voted for by you are as follows:

  1. Babymetal (issue 273)
  2. Iron Maiden (issue 274)
  3. Slipknot (issue 269)
  4. Metallica (issue 267)
  5. Parkway Drive (issue 275)

The first magazine cover of 2016 will be revealed in the coming days…