Avant-black metal pioneers Blut Aus Nord embark on a thrilling new chapter

Blut Aus Nord promo pic, 2019
(Image credit: Dehn Sora)

One of a small number of bands who have genuinely altered the landscape of black metal, Gallic cosmonauts Blut Aus Nord are due to return from their latest, lysergic quest to the outer reaches of consciousness with a new album, Hallucinogen, due to manifest on this material plane on October 11 via Debemur Morti Productions.

As well as being aptly named, Hallucinogen offers another sonic leap for a band who continue to evolve and expand nearly a quarter century on from their devastating debut album, Ultima Thulée. Still sounding as though your DNA is being spliced with stardust from a distant galaxy, Blut Aus Nord have shifted their axis from dense, roiling pitch-shifting dynamics to a more refined and open-ended sound, vaster in scope than ever before, devotional in its splendour and fealty to powers beyond time and space, and capable of ensnaring a new generation of intrepid metalheads drawn to the notion of black metal as a spiritual, mind-relocating experience.

Not only can we exclusively reveal the cover for now, we have these words of induction from vocalist and guitarist Vindsval:

Hallucinogen marks a new stage in our process of perpetual regeneration,” he says. “Music is a fascinating quest without end… and it would be a mess to express the same range of emotions, a mess to remain frozen in the same aesthetic, the same energy, a mess to compose and release the same thing again and again… and again.”

Feast your eyes on the sumptuous artwork below, and stay tuned to this celestial channel for more info on what’s sure to be one of 2019’s landmark albums!

Blut Aus Nord - Hallucinogen artwork

(Image credit: Dehn Sora)

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Pre-order Hallucinogen via the Debemur Morti Productions EU Shop, US Shop or via the band's Bandcamp page

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