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Ariana Grande fans react to metal

Ariana Grande fans

When Ariana Grande played two sold-out shows at Madison Square Garden, the guys at MetalSucks headed down to the queues to see if there were any metalheads. Now, you might be thinking that nobody in a 10-mile radius of the Garden would be a metal fan, but you’d be (slightly) wrong.

A number of Ariana’s fans were aware of metal and could even name Metallica, Slipknot and Pantera – there was even one dude in a Metallica shirt – but it’s their parents that are more into the good music, with one mother often playing her daughter the likes of Guns N’ Roses and Skid Row (although her little girl is way more interested in the camera).

But do Ariana’s fans actually like it? When being played some Cannibal Corpse, one guy says he can “fuck with it” which is a good sign, and most people would be keen to hear a Grande collaboration with someone like Napalm Death, Municipal Waste or Slipknot.

We’re not so sure how some metalheads would react to Ariana Grande, though.

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