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Selena Gomez fans react to metal

Selena Gomez fans

We all know what the vast majority of metalheads think about pop music. “Autotuned garbage” you’d say, “glittery twaddle” your friend would respond, “stupid manufactured poppycock” your neighbour would shout from his garden. The list of insults toward mainstream music goes on and on. But what do pop fans think of our world? Let’s find out…

Outside the Pepsi Center in Denver, Colorado, a group of Selena Gomez fans were not only asked questions about how metal their pop princess is, but were also asked to listen to Iron Drunk by Pig Destroyer. Admittedly, they’re not a band that suits everyone’s taste but it’s interesting to see how non-metalheads view the grindcore pioneers.

We also take exception to the claim that you can’t dance to Pig Destroyer. Our bruised ribs would say otherwise.

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