20 Ways To Make Your Xmas Rock

TeamRock+ gathers together the best of this year’s Xmas coverage for the discerning rock fan.

Look: Xmas. It’s a good idea. You get time off work, people give you presents, you can eat what you like guilt-free and spend the rest of the time in front of the telly/Xbox. No one’s complaining about that.

Except… There comes a point – and that point is normally way before Christmas actually comes – where it all becomes a bit unbearable. Because Christmas is not aimed at your typical rock fan. It’s twee. The music is jolly, the jumpers are garish, the movies on TV sentimental.

Fear not. The TeamRock elves have been slaving away to bring you an alternative guide to Xmas. From the best new festive songs – punk, prog, metal, soul, blues – to some truly mental playlists and a caps-duly-doffed salute to rock’s Kings of Christmas (Slade, dummy), here is your antidote to two weeks of Rocking Around The Christmas Tree and It’s A Wonderful Life…

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