10 Things We Learned From Lego Dimensions

Lego Dimensions

Recently, the boffins at Lego released even more expansion packs for Lego Dimensions to the sound of applause and drool from gamers everywhere. Ghostbusters, Adventure Time, Mission Impossible and more were suddenly thrown from their respective dimensions into the Lego universe for our pleasure. And having not played the Dimensions game on its original release (LIKE IDIOTS!), we thought it was time to catch up with the rest of the world and see what was going on. Spoiler: it’s really good.

Console Gaming Has Changed

Remember back in the day when you could stick a new game into your PlayStation and within five minutes you’d be controlling a polygon version of yourself, fighting dragons and collecting gems? Those days are long gone. Before we could actually play Lego Dimensions, we needed to download a frankly baffling 18gb update. Depending on your ISP and internet package, this could take you hours. If you’re buying this for a small child or a moody teenager, download the update before handing them the game.

The Technology Involved Is From Star Trek

Okay, it’s not technically from Star Trek, but you do now have the equivalent of a Transporter in your house. Connected to your console via USB, this futuristic gizmo beams whichever Lego character you place on it – that’s right, they’re made of real Lego! These characters and vehicles can then by upgraded onscreen, if you have collected the right amount of studs.

Batman Is The Star Of The Show

Just like The Lego Movie, Batman is the greatest character in the game – at least, from the initial three. Lego Dimensions comes with Batman, Gandalf and Wyldstyle and the game is weighted heavily toward the caped crusader. Your car is the Batmobile, his skill of using a Batarang comes in handy more than most, and he stars in most of the early cut scenes. But he is Batman, after all.

Gandalf Is More Useful Than You Think

Sure, he might be an old codger with a nobbly staff and a beard you can live in, but he’s a bloody wizard! He can perform actual magic, not some David Blaine standing in ice nonsense, he has real magical powers. And that helps a lot. In every level you want to smash open everything to achieve Rule Breaker status, but more often than not you will miss something breakable… unless you use Gandalf and his auto-lock firing. Wherever you stand on the screen, if you press fire then Gandalf will find something nearby. Thank us later.

Your House Isn’t Safe

Similar to the Tetris effect – where long-time players hallucinate building blocks or try to stick everyday items together – playing too much Lego Dimensions will make you want to kick the ever-loving crap out of your bedroom. Your wardrobe, drawers, desk, plants, dog… nothing is safe when you’re on the hunt for studs. How else are you going to Hire A Hero and unlock all the hidden secrets?

Some Big Doctor Who Fans Work For Lego

One of the early levels in the game is the Doctor Who world, featuring Peter Capaldi as The Doctor. That’s pretty cool for Whovians anyway, but the eye for detail in the level is a wet dream of any new-era Who fan. From the cybermen, daleks and the (still terrifying) weeping angels trying to kill you, to the blink and you’ll miss it inclusion of the crack on Amy Pond’s wall, there are many many easter eggs dotted around.

The Voice Cast Is Fantastic

We just mentioned Peter Capaldi putting in a shift as The Doctor, but that’s just the tip of the Legoberg. Loads of actors have leant their vocal chords to the game, including Elijah Wood, Christopher Lloyd, Will Arnett, Dan Castellaneta, and Gary Oldman kicking ass as the evil Lord Vortech. Sadly Ian McKellan didn’t reprise Gandalf.

You Can Embrace Your Geek

Playing through levels and collecting studs along the way is one thing, but if you have the right characters there are so many worlds to explore – sandbox style! There’s Lord Of The Rings, Adventure Time, Ninjago, The Simpsons, Ghostbusters (original and 2016), Powerpuff Girls, DC Comics, Harry Potter, ET… the list goes on. Sadly, there is no Wayne’s World to explore.

Prepare To Spend A Lot Of Money

All these worlds might sound exciting, but you can’t just stroll through the dimension portal willy nilly. These areas are only accessible by the relevant characters, which can get interesting. You’ll be able to wander into Mordor because Gandalf comes with the game, but if you want to take a serious tour of Springfield you’ll have to buy that pack. The same goes for Harry Potter, Ghostbusters, Adventure Time etc. And with the likes of Sonic, Gremlins, Lego Batman and more on the horizon, this could turn into a full-time occupation.

It’s Ridiculous

Yeah, you might need to buy Finn and Jake to really dive in to Adventure Time, but the whole point of the game is to mix it up. We smashed the crap out of the Yellow Brick Road with Batman, then saved the Springfield nuclear power plant with BA Barachas, then bounded through The Shire with Lord Voldemort like some weird spin-off movie. And just like Lego in real-life, the only limit is your imagination… or how much Lego you have.

Lego Dimensions Year 2 is out now.

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