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Wolfheart: Winterborn

Former Black Son Aeon man searches for his heart of darkness

It takes a brave man to ditch two highly regarded bands to go it alone but that’s exactly what Tuomas Saukkonen did when he waved goodbye to Before The Dawn and Black Sun Aeon and embarked on solo project Wolfheart in 2013.

Naturally there are plenty of references to the old bands, and that Spinefarm have snapped up Wolfheart for a re-release of the debut signals quality, but Winterborn is not the winning formula.

Imbued with the melancholic slow-burn of BSA but without the subtle progressive elements that kept it interesting, Wolfheart’s debut is a combination of bog-standard Finnish death metal albeit with flashes of emotive playing and that glacial weight of Insomnium and Swallow The Sun, heard in Gale Of Winter and the forlorn doom of Breathe. In his defence Tuomas plays as proficiently as ever, and as a standalone record Winterborn is perfectly fine, but it lacks groove, light and shade, all qualities Tuomas has proved he can do brilliantly.

Via Spinefarm