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Wednesday 13: Monsters Of The Universe: Come Out And Plague

Intergalactic meteor shower due to hit from the States.

Former Murderdolls frontman and Alice Cooper enthusiast Wednesday 13 returns to bring us an off-the-wall story about a satanic alien invasion.

Despite the sudden metamorphosis from apocalyptic zombie horror to other worldly sci-fi, Wednesday 13’s lyrical content remains both humorous and imaginative, and musically each track is built upon ruthless chord progressions, reloading and firing like a semi-automatic.

The samples on tracks like Keep Watching The Skies and Come Out And Plague work in the songs’ favour by helping to establish the tone, but at times they have a tendency to sound a tad crass.

Nevertheless, Jason West’s adept drumming keeps things powering on, and Wednesday 13 (both band and man) have earned their place among the stars./o:p