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Warhorse: As Heaven Turns To Ash

Stoner/doom classic resurfaces once more

No, this isn’t a particularly profound flashback from lysergic days gone by, it’s the re-release of an influential doom classic­­ from a trio that disbanded in 2005.

Their 2001 As Heaven Turns To Ash stands as fitting testament to their legacy, second track Black Acid Prophecy a boulder-heavy slab of 70s rock psychedelics ponderously pummelled into deathly grooves.

Bassist/vocalist Greg Orne’s dry-throated rasp swears vehement oaths when the riffs are at their most thunderously engaging, and subdues on the likes of Dawn’s contented, blissfully blazed jams. With a record of such quality it’s hard not to see how Warhorse would have taken their place amongst doom’s addled anti-gods had they only continued.

Via Southern Lord