Vomit Angel - Sadomatic Evil album review

Sadomator’s war metal veteran claims no new territory

Cover art for Vomit Angel - Sadomatic Evil album

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A few years ahead of Spain’s Proclamation, the rise of labels like Nuclear War Now! – whose initial rooster seemed solely dedicated to honour Beherit, Blasphemy and the overall resurgence of the war metal subgenre – Sadogoat were already pissing, puking and farting, i.e. making as much Sarcófagoechoing ‘noize’ as possible. Even their metamorphosis into Sadomator from 2005 didn’t alter their sense of depravity, so why their leader, Seventh Blasphemer (aka Necrodevil here), feels the need to follow almost the exact same path with Vomit Angel is anybody’s guess… especially since as fucked-up as his main band may sound to most, at least they have the kind of intensity and bestial lust that this debut EP desperately lacks.

The genre is renowned for its sloppiness, but here Vomit Angel have mistaken it for laziness. Most tracks sound like unfinished sketches – not least the 25-second-long grind nugget, Cotard – and the fact that the best songs are the two bonus versions of Sadogoat songs really says it all.