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Various Artists - Romantic Warriors III – Canterbury Tales DVD review

Essential watching for Canterbury Scene fans.

Various Artists - Romantic Warriors III – Canterbury Tales DVD cover

It’s a sobering thought that while the music created in the late 60s lives on, some of those who made the sounds featured in Adele Schmidt and Jose Zegarra Holder’s documentary series, Romantic Warriors, do not. Released as an accompaniment to 2015’s Canterbury Tales, the third in their documentary series, the death of interviewees such as Daevid Allen, Pip Pyle, Giorgio Gomelsky and others from the broader church of progressive music over the last couple of years is a reminder that we should cherish these people while we can – and this bonus DVD does exactly that.

With a running time of over four hours, Schmidt and Holder’s work is important not only in documenting veteran voices but in giving equal status to younger players inspired by the creative outpourings of the 60s and 70s. Full of detailed interviews and extended concert footage that didn’t make it through to the main release, the depth and variety of the music identifying itself as belonging to the genre transcends mere geography.

Canterbury is a state of mind and in the performances by Glass, The Wrong Object and others featured here, it’s one that’s looking to the future, rather than the comfort zone of the past.