Trudger: Dormiveglia

South Yorkshire sludgers enter a yawning chasm of the soul

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The youth of today, eh? With tracks titled such things as Into The Abysmal Future, Become Joyless and State Of Constant Slumber, it’s a safe bet that these four young depressionauts aren’t the jolliest fellows to have ever hailed from Yorkshire.

And long may their worldview remain bleak, as on the strength of Dormiveglia (the Italian for half-asleep/half-awake) and its eight raw, sludgy, riff-abundant dirges, the quartet have a bright (dark?) future ahead of them.

Their sound owes as much to mid-era Neurosis and Coffinworm as it does, in a slight but distinct way, to Melvins circa Bullhead, while they clearly know their way around a neck-snapping, retina-detaching mosh-ready riff too.

Opener Into The Abysmal Future thrusts with a pulverising and as accessibly off-kilter riff in its final third as you’re likely to hear and live to tell of, while closer Morgue melds the same spiky, jabbing riffs with a dirge so brutal and painfully awash in feedback it’ll spoil your whole week. It really is grim up North.