The Iron Maidens live review – London, Islington Academy

SoCal sirens The Iron Maidens prove more than a tribute act

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Forever Never [6] look like they were pieced together from an X Factor audition with a Clutch lookalike on one side of the stage, a leather-clad Asking Alexandria reject on the other, and a six-foot-seven chap who once appeared in Men’s Health playing bass.

Their medley of pop-metal and djent is ill-suited to the crowd but an epic cover of John Farnham’s You’re The Voice plus a few catchy self-penned songs get some of the throng punching the air.

Why should anyone go to see an Iron Maiden tribute band let alone read a review of one? Because THE IRON MAIDENS [8] are a million times better than anything you’ll see down your local boozer. That these Southern Californians are all-female is irrelevant. From the moment they come out blazing with Aces High to the Fear Of The Dark finale, they’re as entertaining and well-versed as you’d hope a Maiden tribute to be. Their Bruce, Kristen ‘Chickinson’, is pumped to be playing with her troupe in London for the first time and hits every note perfectly. The Duellists is bloody brilliant, as is Rime Of The Ancient Mariner, and an appearance by their very own Eddie during Wasted Years encourages a tidal wave of phone pics. ‘Steph Harris’ even has a West Ham sticker on her bass, and if that isn’t dedication, what is?