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The Body: Christs, Redeemers

Malevolent sludge duo introduce some choral grief

Good fucking Christ, The Body are horrible. Since 2010’s sublimely fucked up All The Waters Of The Earth Turn To Blood, they’ve released other material but this is the return we’ve been waiting for.

Built around the bone-snapping drums of Lee Buford and the harrowing screams of guitarist Chip King, once more they have joined forces with the very evangelical-sounding Assembly Of Light Choir, whose choral chants simply ratchet up the tension instead of dissipating it. On I, The Mourner Of Perished Days and Night Of Blood In A World Without End a sole female voice singing traditional folk song fails to shift the mood of utter hopelessness. Elsewhere, power electronics bastard Work/Death adds an extra layer of terrible sonic torture to the appalling events.

The only real complaint is that King’s vocals only function at one level that suggests he always feels like he’s just been hit by a train. Of course, complaining about this is kind of like moaning about the colour of the boots worn by the man who kicked you to death. Awesomely unpleasant.