Tané Cain: Tané Cain

Apache performance.

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This album has such an interesting back-story, the music pales by comparison. Tané Cain is the daughter of late actor Doug McClure, famous for TV’s The Virginian and also for battling MDF pterodactyls in The Land That Time Forgot.

At the time of this self-titled record’s release (1982), Tané was hitched to Journey keysman Jonanthan Cain. Legend has it that Jon only signed up with the Bay Area AORsters on condition that their management got his wife a record deal (a rumour that’s refuted in the sleevenotes).

Memorably dolled up like a Native American squaw on the cover, Tané’s music is tepee’d in the extreme. Pat Benatar comparisons were bandied about at the the time but no amount of production magic from the estimable Keith Olsen can disguise our chamois-clad heroine’s thin, reedy voice. Still, with Tané’s then hubby having a skilful songwriting hand in all but one of the tracks, some deliciously flimsy melodic rock artistry shines through.