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T.A.O.S.: Passion Sodomy Terror

Sick sounds from the rubber rooms of Hell

It’s worth pointing out that T.A.O.S. stands for The Arrival Of Satan.

After a few seconds of opening tirade Traitor Brigade, it’s fairly apparent that these Gallic miscreants are batting for the dark side of the Force while remaining devoted to screwing mankind to a cross and mocking its squirming death.

T.A.O.S. are servants of the frostbitten blast and skewed, morbid melodies that insinuate their way between the percussive cracks. The white-out grind of Lolita In Furs is the most obvious moment when this project’s past as purveyors of industrial scree surfaces, but the sheer iciness of anti-songs like Worst Is To Come,_ Sterile_ and the unsettling The Intruder points to an admirable consistency of vision from mainman Saint Vincent.

Meanwhile, vocalist Necropiss sounds like a bug-eyed Satanic priest consumed by demons and a babbling maniac with his dick caught in his zip. There’s also a song called Vagina. Insane and occasionally enthralling.