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Sunset In The 12th House: Mozaic

Dordeduh members cut a new path through the mist

Sunset In The 12th House is the new project by the talented creative duo of Edmond Karban aka Hupogrammos and Sol Faur, best known as ex-members of Negură Bunget and current members of Dordeduh.

Dordeduh drummer Sergio Ponti is also present and while this is described as “a blend of psychedelic post-rock and traditional oriental music”, this feels most like Dordeduh minus the black metal overtones and most of the vocals.

Many of the distinctive techniques are present, most obviously the trademark pulsing, trembling lead guitars and the grandeur of the more bombastic riffs. But Mozaic does see the musicians heading into pastures new and the softer, more emotive moments, combined with the sort of cinematic drive that is found in the best post-rock/metal, means this sometimes touches upon a less severe Russian Circles-esque sound. The lengthy songs have a more jammed-out vibe, the ‘oriental’ side of the project being understated but working well on Paraphernalia Of Sublimation. A very rewarding opus.