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Studfaust: Where The Underdogs Bark

The Battalion and Emperor members rough up their woofers

Metal-punk, while not setting the metal mainstream alight,

The riffs, however, are exactly what you’d expect. Where The Underdogs Bark is all old Motörhead rasp, Discharge filth and a general sense of scuzzed-out scratched ’80s vinyl records played while copious cans of Special Brew are downed. Half Human Half Dynamite is as much a statement of intent as songtitle, while 1980’s Ladies tells you all you need to know about the sort of parties they are holding in Oslo. In the same ballpark as Midnight and Children Of Technology, this is a mash-up of Tank, Venom, Warfare, GBH and early Metallica all played at maximum volume and with maximum intent. A solid, raw, metallic size-10 boot to the face.

Via Soulseller