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Shadowqueen: Don’t Tell

Riff-ready, explosive rock’n’roll.

With a moniker that suggests Dungeons & Dragons lyrical fare harnessed to galloping power metal, this Aussie trio obviously like to confound expectations by tearing off the blocks with the pacey, down‐to‐earth blast of Best Of Me – thankfully signalling a distinctly Ringwraith‐free zone.

With Robbi Zana’s brazen, honest and emotion‐fuelled vocals firmly to the fore atop a churning, violent swell of Soundgarden and Stone Temple Pilots‐sized riffs, Don’t Tell is a pleasurably pummelling experience, but the care taken to include instantly memorable choruses – check out What You Want, Any Other Day and Wake Up – and cleverly woven arrangements shows there’s a deep well of creativity just waiting to be exploited. An impulsive, impressive debut.