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Seer: Vol. 1 & 2

Fashioning a doom-laden hell from the wonders of nature

Seer have manifested the awe-inspiring surroundings of their home in British Columbia into something that sounds more like the pits of Hell than the majestic mountains and crystalline lakes that make up most of the Pacific Northwest.

From the first gravelly riffs and Bronson Lee Norton’s war-cry vocals, everything about this album screams intensity and weight.

The first of the two ‘volumes’ harnesses the bleak and unforgiving natural elements through a bumpy ride of stoner sounds, but it’s on volume two that the dark magick really happens. When Haunter begins with its tunnel-echo groan, any thoughts of enchanted forests dissipate into a pitch-black cave in which Killing Joke and Electric Wizard are wrestling with Brian Blessed and a pack of lions, and that vibe that continues through the whine and roll of Antibody.

This is more than your typical stoner/doom record, and with every note drenched in dark, resonating rumbles it creates an all-consuming terrain of atmospheric foreboding that makes you rethink that summertime sojourn to Vancouver.