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Romeo’s Daughter: Rapture

Back together again but no longer Mutt’s playthings.

Given the historical and personal ties between the groups, once FM reunited, it just was a matter of time before Romeo’s Daughter followed suit.

Still fronted by the delectable Leigh Matty (who remains FM bassist Merv Goldsworthy’s ‘better half’), the first Romeo’s Daughter album in 19 years features the line-up responsible for touring the group’s self-titled first album, helmed (partially, at least) by the usually Midas-touched Robert John ‘Mutt’ Lange back in 1988.

Rapture might sound a shade warmer and less clinical, though it doesn’t wander too far from the hi-tech, pop-infused formula that served to make that record such a cult favourite.

Having retained all of its silken sultriness, Matty’s voice is adaptable enough to cover the unexpectedly rootsy Bittersweet and the sinewy, teasing Trippin’ Out, the latter of which sees her purring playfully: ‘It’s only when you’re sleeping/That you can have your way with me’.