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Pendragon: Out Of Order Comes Chaos

Classy live set puts the neo-proggers back in the spotlight.

There was a period when Pendragon were dismissed by some as a band who regurgitated their past, content to remain firmly entrenched within their idiosyncratic sound.

Both 2008’s Pure and the later Passion came with a harder, guitar-led sound, and demonstrated their desire to evolve and also gave them an indispensable freshness. Recorded in Katowice, Poland two years ago, this double disc set also proves – if it were ever really in doubt – that Pendragon are a consummate and lively stage act.

Naturally concentrating on material from Passion, it’s an energetic recording, with This Green And Pleasant Land and Feeding Frenzy sounding even more honed than their studio counterparts. Some of the finer moments from their hefty catalogue slot in neatly – it’s particularly pleasing to hear the panache of Back In the Spotlight and Shane from their constantly underrated 1991 album The World.

In contrast, the initial segment of Last Man On Earth does sound a touch twee, and Nick Barrett’s vocals may grate with some listeners, but Out Of Order Comes Chaos is still a mesmerising release that verifies Pendragon’s continued relevance.