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Patria: Individualism

Uncharacteristically second wave black metal sounds from Brazil

While South America, and Brazil in particular, has played a significant part in the black metal story – offering early acts such as Sarcofago, Vulcano and Mystifier – its scene has tended to lean toward a bestial 80s vision.

This relatively new and prolific band are therefore something of a surprise, their style in the European second wave vein, with a Norwegian bias to their influences (according to interviews, at least). The long, blasting passages and drawn-out riffs contrast with stomping rhythms and chunky riffs, bringing to mind the more orthodox end of the Norwegian and Swedish scene, with overtones of both late-90s acts and bands such as Watain.

Atmosphere is emphasised throughout, with instrumental sections appearing among the twisting riffs and moments of straight-up aggression. A less stark effort than earlier works, Individualism is a solid album, although the strength of the songwriting is variable, as too is the level of originality.