Obscure Burial - Obscure Burial album review

Proto-black metal warriors leave little room to manoeuvre

Cover art for Obscure Burial - Obscure Burial album

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Obscure Burial gather members of various black metal hordes from the deepest pits of the Finnish underground, reconnecting with a time when the frontiers between brutal thrash and death wasn’t yet clearly defined. While Obscure Burial have little to do with their own country’s glorious, late-80s dark and downtuned legacy and they love to get crazy on the whammy bar à la Kerry King, their black hearts still shine through somehow, as there’s always something devilish lurking in the background. Ultimately, the raw atmosphere prevails instead of proper riffing and L. K.’s monotonous rasp, instead of the expected more guttural grunts, is too monotonous to truly grip, overall failing to build something bigger than the band’s two demos. Like some of the late-80s bands they worship, Obscure Burial are doomed to remain entrenched in their low-budget and limited format.