No Sin Evades His Gaze: Age Of Sedation

UK tech metallers’ ambitious debut.

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Barely a year old, No Sin Evades His Gaze are already impressively individual.

And yet what they show on their debut album is an unfulfilled potential. In some respects, this band have too many ideas and visions to be encapsulated on one album at this formative stage of their career. You can hear this on something like Biometric Alchemy, which brings together influences from Fear Factory, Megadeth, Sikth, Dream Theater and early Opeth. However, while there’s some astonishing musicianship here, it all sounds like the chaps have done this album just a little too early in their very young career – they don’t yet have the experience or focus to make the most of some imaginative talent. Having said that, Age Of Sedation is still a good album. In fact, it’s one of the best you’ll get in this area of music in 2014. The enjoyment from Affinity, The Cycle Resets and the title track overcome all misgivings, with guitarists Kevin Pearson and Dan Thornton working together in an almost telepathic manner. It’s a highly promising start and, more for what they could achieve in the future than the album itself, it could prove to be a very special debut indeed.