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Muck: Your Joyous Future

Icelandic punk reprobates brew up their own unstable formula

It takes a large amount of finesse to sound angular and to insert unconventionality into fast and furious punk rock but Reykjavik-based noise terrorists Muck are awash with the stuff.

Their flood of ideas and jaunty time changes makes their second album, Your Joyous Future, a white-knuckle ride of ideas while spitting in the face of banality.

From the reckless abandon of the 90-second Time through the stomping and menacing off-kilter attacks of My City, to the circle pit fun of Blissless, and moments that sound like a shoegaze band being bastardised in Waiting, this is an album that has unpredictability and versatility as its defining characteristics. There are moments that sound like college rock and others that sound like the kind of grindcore that makes you want to impale people onto spikes. Even if it is early days, you won’t hear many more fearless and fascinating albums than Your Joyous Future all year.

Via Prosthetic