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Monolithe: IV

Immersive funeral doom that’s not by the numbers

Following in the footsteps of I-III, the imaginatively titled IV specialises in funeral doom. This French act is the brainchild of one Sylvain Bégot, who formed the band 12 years ago and handles the guitars, bass, synth and programming alongside the songwriting. Coinciding with the re-release of the band’s back catalogue, it’s a suitably grand opus.

Comprised of one hour-long track, IV is actually far more fluid and greater in scope than the band’s genre might suggest – indeed, much like Pantheist, the ‘funeral doom’ tag suggests a level of ritualism and repetition that simply isn’t present here now.

A rich musical tapestry, the record also offers a broad spectrum of emotion, the slowly shifting composition making for a compelling journey, intense yet at times quite serene. Naturally, slow repetitious riffs, background synth and growled vocals play a major part throughout, but this is a far from torturous affair.