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Krieg: Transient

American misanthropists dig deeper into their despair

Krieg are one of the most prolific bands in the distinctive US black metal scene.

Formed around 20 years ago, the Neill Jameson-led project has had moments of quiet, upheaval and chaos and yet Krieg have stood strong and with Transient, they have a record that is defiant and, ultimately, their best work to date. Working within the deeply hate-filled atmosphere that defines their manifesto, the band pull through the misanthropy to include shining moments of post-punk-influenced beats – Walk With Them Unnoticed is a particular highlight. To Speak With Ghosts is imbued with raging drum kicks that add something special to proceedings and if there was any doubt as to the direction Krieg are heading in, a phenomenal cover of crust icons Amebix’s Winter is sure to tip the scales. Atlas With A Broken Arm is a lesson in pure disgust with layers upon layers of negativity churning underneath Jameson’s vitriolic vocal stance, while Ruin Our Lives takes a more atmospheric route towards total destruction. Transient is a furious testament to the horror of life and Krieg are its voice made manifest.

Via Candlelight