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Koldbrann: Vertigo

Long-awaited full-length from bestial Nordic metallers

Remarkably, the last album by Koldbrann, Moribund, was released way back in 2006, though the band have maintained a steady presence for much of the time since, issuing several odds and ends including a live DVD, a split with up-and-coming black doomers Faustcoven and, more controversially, a single in tribute to Russian Nationalists Korrozia Metalla.

Hailing from Norway, the band definitely lean more towards countrymen such as Taake and Urgehal than the better-known bands of the early 90s, and to that end they tend to temper their second-wave Nordic finesse by dipping into the more primitive, bestial side of the genre.

Thus Vertigo sees the band harnessing both the epic chill associated with the genre and also a stripped-down assault and unashamed sense of groove, balancing a sense of atmosphere with some frankly rocking moments. The combination certainly makes for a dynamic and energetic listen. Vertigo overtakes its predecessor in terms of songwriting, the compositions lashing back and forth like an angry cobra, spitting venom at the listener throughout.