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Kobra And The Lotus: High Priestess

Canada’s well-connected rockers shine in their own right

Having opened for their heroes Judas Priest here in the UK back in 2012 and currently out on tour Stateside with Def Leppard and Kiss (whose Gene Simmons is their US record label boss), Canadian rivetheads Kobra

So it’s no surprise that they’re viewed with a degree of suspicion, not to mention jealousy, in certain quarters. For those prepared to listen, the band’s third full-length studio album should torpedo many of these issues right out of the water. Kobra Paige is a classically trained vocalist who, despite a penchant for leather and tight-fitting outfits, doesn’t trade on her sexuality. Kobra’s voice is incredibly versatile, from operatic Rob Halford-esque wails to deeper yet growl-free melodic parts, while Jasio Kulakowski performs minor miracles, contributing all of the lead and rhythm guitar parts – elements that will flay your skin. Johnny K of Disturbed/Megadeth fame has awarded a crystalline sound that enhances the trad-metal exuberance of Warhorse, High Priestess and the single I Am, I Am.

Via Spinefarm