Igorrr - Savage Sinusoid album review

Balkan digi-opera-grind? It’s definitely a thing

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A cult hero among metal fans who like things to get as weird as possible, Igorrr mastermind Gautier Serre clearly doesn’t view music in the way most people do. The uninitiated will find their brains plastered all over the ceiling within a few seconds of deranged opener Viande or indeed any of this unhinged triumph’s bewildering songs. Igorrr exist in a world where borders between genres are non-existent and anything is possible, albeit with a preference for being wildly unpredictable. You may find yourself gripping your skull for safety and sanity’s sake as blastbeats, operatic bellowing, electro-jazz and Balkan folk music collide, but these are not just eruptions of insanity. There is much subtlety offsetting the shifts of pace and mood and some spellbinding moments of serene but subversive finesse. If only more metal records were this barmy.