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Grateful Dead: Spring 1990 – So Glad You Made It

Edited highlights of the recent nine-CD live boxset.

By 1990, The Dead had become both a more formal and more formidable band and organisation. The first spring of the new decade saw the former Jug-Band-turned-psychedelic-explorers bringing the softly cushioned stadium-friendly MOR of Brent Mydland’s Easy To Love You into their embrace.

Mydland would OD weeks after this tour finished. Described by Bob Weir as the band’s greatest era, it was quite some high to go out on.

The band are in fine fettle throughout, none more so than grizzled kingpin Jerry Garcia. He’s the rogueish adventurer, road warrior and impish improviser-in-chief.

The jazz, funk, mountain rambles and hallucinated flavours that power careering covers (Let The Good Times Roll, Its All Over Now, the title track) and mind-melting originals (Eyes Of The World, West LA Fadeaway) merge magically and uniquely. Go on, give ’em some loving.