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Goat Torment: Sermons To Death

Bestial incantations from the badlands of Belgium

After a rather pointless and long intro, Goat Torment get down to business of a no-frills bestial black metal gallop in the style laid down by Archgoat and Blasphemy.

Sermons To Death kicks in with Bone Aligned, a fast-paced gallop of primitive, rapid-fire battery and satisfying riffing, before breaking into the perfect counterpoint of a sublime groove of rusty repetition, crowned by some truly hateful vocal rants.

This primeval black metal approach is recurrent throughout the album without ever wasting any momentum or vitality, and a finely crafted offensive unfolds through perfectly structured changes in pace and dynamic to create atmospheres of pure evil.

Sermons… shows a tightness and a stronger focus on compositions that flow together seamlessly rather than a mindless sloppy assault. Barring the aforementioned intro and a needless instrumental track in the middle, the overall sound packs more of a punch thanks to the band favouring a slightly meatier approach, as opposed to a sometimes thin guitar sound often favoured by bands of a similar vein.