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Fashion Week: Prêt-à-Porter

Brooklyn jokers prove their music is a serious business

The medal for press release of the month goes to Fashion Week – it’s a very thinly disguised potted history of Nirvana.

Add to that an almost impossible-to-accurately-Google band name and album title, and it’s pretty clear they’re more interested in letting the music do the talking than in striving for personal fame.

And what wonderful music it is – feedback-drenched, powered by truly filthy, grungy, elephantine riffs that Helmet in their prime would kill for, plus teeth-shattering basslines that well up from a terrifying depth, as well as primal howling from frontman Joshua Lozano.

Summer Line has a woozy darkness that is pure Alice In Chains, underpinned by understatedly brilliant, pin-sharp, jazzy drumming from Carl Eklof. Fur Free Friday, meanwhile, has a post-hardcore delicacy lingering under the din.

Wildly inventive, each track has its own identity while the album as a whole, clocking in at barely half an hour, is a glorious celebration of noise for noise’s sake. Stylish stuff./o:p