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Evra: Lightbearer

Opposites attract for pace-shifting Danish bruisers

Stoner hardcore sounds like an oxymoronic concoction.

Not ones to shy away from chucking these opposing styles in a blender, Danish mob Evra have come up with a recipe that works on their debut release.

Beginning with the harmonic strains of I Lysets Skær, which reaches through the clouds like an uplifting excerpt from Pallbearer, the tempo is thrust into a fly-kicking oblivion of screams and noisy aggression swaying between brisk hardcore rhythms and lurching dips into the murky underworld. The title track is an example of how the dissonance and spite can take on an upbeat feel, but elsewhere the album is a primitive medley of Southern tints, doomy undertones and a blend of The Haunted, Gallows and, vocally in places, Machine Head, especially on Paranoia and Washed Away. Although there are no standouts, ultimately their sound is fresh and throws a mean left hook.