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Disperse: Living Mirrors

Promising though slightly flawed progressive metal

Three years ago, these young Poles caused minor ripples in the progressive metal pond with their impressive debut album, Journey Through The Hidden Gardens. Since then, the band have supported Marillion and taken their time working on the follow-up.

Unsurprisingly, then, the quartet sound more accomplished than ever before, though their biography’s suggestion that they could fill “the void left by Pink Floyd” is utter hogwash. Disperse’s modus operandi strides beyond the boundaries of neo-prog to incorporate elements of metal, jazz fusion, djent, melodic rock and even a hint of pop.

Though there are times when it all becomes a little too dense and claustrophobic for comfort, you’ll still marvel at the Allan Holdsworth-inspired technique of fretboard master Jakub Zytecki, who as co-founder and producer seems to be the group’s answer to Dream Theater’s John Petrucci. As well as contributing rich layers of keyboards, the voice of Rafał Biernacki complements the ambient feel of Message From Atlantis but, regrettably, fails to follow suit when the going becomes harder.