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Der Weg Einer Freiheit - Finisterre album review

German firebrands expand the bounds of black metal once more

This German band’s black metal is deliriously paced and, on their fourth full-length – a raging treatise on life and death – dynamics are key. Opener Aufbruch melds those opposing forces succinctly, with the band entwining Emperor-style vocals and melodies into a layered work that takes in softer passages, giving the record space to breathe. Guitars build frenetically before giving way to nuanced and sorrowful lines, allowing the band the chance to reflect before bursting to life again. The two-part Skepsis showcases a more interesting side of the band with Part 1 on the instrumental side and Part 2 far more hectic, all blasting drums and fiery vocals, Nikita Kamprad pouring vitriol over pummelling drums and soaring guitars. It’s a great step in the continuing evolution of black metal.