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Delain: Lunar Prelude

Symphonic stopgap EP scatters some gems amongst the filler

Fresh from touring and Charlotte Wessels’ conceptual Phantasma project, Delain are back with the prelude to their fifth album, due later this year.

This isn’t their first such stopgap release, and like 2013’s Interlude, Lunar Prelude offers new songs, a reworking and a bunch of live tracks. If these new recordings are anything to go by, the finished album will be a stormer. With its catchy chorus and symphonic elements, Within Temptation-esque opener Suckerpunch is the natural follow-up to The Human Contradiction’s dark metal – there’s even an orchestral reprise later – while the gothic-pop of Turn The Lights Out sounds like it should be playing over the end credits of a dark fantasy film.

Sadly, the other six tracks feel like filler. Don’t Let Go is slightly revamped from the deluxe edition of The Human Contradiction, while the live tracks don’t bring anything new or exciting.

If you’re a superfan, grab this for the exclusive content; otherwise, hold tight for the imminent next studio release.