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Daymoon: Fabric Of Space Divine

Elaborate music for all you evolutionary biologists.

When applied by visionaries, an avant-garde approach to music can be revolutionary. Mediocre talents attribute random parps and whistles to the genre, and thus vastly reduce its credibility. Daymoon just manage to stay on the right side of that divide, but Fabric Of Space Divine makes Yes’ Tales From Topographic Oceans sound like easy listening.

Lyrically its storyline addresses the concept of Man’s evolution, nanotechnology and proton waves: it may be too demanding for the casual listener. Indeed, much like the cosmic messages of Jon Anderson, sometimes the best option is to accept the incompressibility of things.

The musical arrangements here are wide-ranging, broaching everything from space rock, to folk (on Twisting The Fabric) and more direct rock (Beyond Trinity), with an elegant Middle Eastern influence steering Beyond Nature and Beyond Multiplicity. The periodic use of the flute is also endearing, even if at times it does sound a touch like it might be played by Ron Anchorman Burgundy.

The market for their work may be limited to open-minded physicists, but Daymoon’s brave creativity should be applauded.