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D’Accord: D’Accord III

Vintage, Norwegian prog rockers go rock’n’roll on their third LP.

Well, sort of. Having been decidedly conceptual for their sophomore effort, here D’AccorD have plumped for nine shorter, largely more rock-roughened tunes. Their sense of grandeur has not totally left them. Roving 10-minute opuses open and close the record (only one track clocks in at under five minutes) and melodic, spectacularly ‘classic prog rock’ hooks shape this into a beguiling, retro bolt hole.

Vocal delivery and rockier guitar capture a Wall-era Pink Floyd/The Who vibe in the likes of These Last Todays. Quality rocker Ibliss In Bliss is laced with early Genesis intrigue and Ian Anderson flute-tooting.

The crowning glory, though, is the gorgeous guitar work; capturing, as it does, a beautiful early-70s tone and distorted, blues-rooted style in numbers like Lady Fabulous and lovely olde prog rocker tune Mon-Sat Part I.

If they’d just iron out hose passages that currently feel more like ‘classic prog rock-by-numbers’, this emboldened rock n’ roll side could carry them to edgier heights. For now, though, this offers the 70s prog/rock lover’s musical equivalent of a first-rate hot chocolate; warming, familiar and enough of an indulgent treat without massively rebuilding perceptions.