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Crobot: still stoned, but heavier and darker

Motherbrain is a leap forward for the Pennsylvanian band Crobot

Crobot - Motherbrain
(Image: © Mascot Records)
Crobot - Motherbrain

(Image credit: Mascot Records)

1. Burn
2. Keep Me Down
3. Drown
4. Low Life
5. Alpha Dawg
6. Stoning The Devil
7. Gasoline
8. Destroyer
9. Blackout
10. After Life
11. The Hive

In the three years since their album Welcome To Fat City, Crobot have matured, nurturing a heavier, darker side to their familiar stoner-related approach. 

The result is this fulminating, deliberating collection of tracks which leans towards Alice In Chains and Stone Temple Pilots as much as it dips into the southern rock style that has long underpinned their style. 

Vocalist Brandon Yeagley and guitarist Chris Bishop are irresistible, combining as a lowslung, moody alliance on the parched rhythms of Stoning The Devil and the desolate-highway kinship of Gasoline. 

Meanwhile, the slithering, bluesy juice of The Hive will be among the finest tracks of 2019. 

Motherbrain is Crobot coming of age.