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Crobot: Something Supernatural

Pennsylvania hard rockers set out on a vivid maiden voyage

Crobot recently burst onto the scene with their big-riffing, hook-laden EP after a support slot on Clutch’s US tour.

Self-proclaimed gentlemen, they “wanted to ease the tip in first” with a five-track taster from their full length. Now they’ve deemed the rock-hungry public to be well-lubed, so get ready to receive the thrust of Something Supernatural. It’s a hearty mix of funk, blues and classic hard rock that invokes the sleaze of the 70s while unashamedly nodding to the sludgy waters of the 90s. The Pennsylvanian foursome wanted to capture what they believed rock’n’roll had long lost – powerful, old-school riffs – and their first single, Nowhere To Hide, certainly isn’t falling short. Their lyrics weave through the stoner/power metal borderlands, with songs of sorcery and fair maidens, yet their sound undoubtedly takes more cues from an eclectic array of artists, such as the likes of Deep Purple, Soundgarden and even Rage Against the Machine. This mix of styles allows them the potential to progress far beyond their current hard rock sound.

Via Wind-Up