Chronocide: Meditations

Manchester madmen muddy up their blackened grind

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Similar to Anaal Nathrakh, Manchester’s Chronocide, in addition to steeping themselves in negativity and misanthropy, have one man responsible for all instrumentation while another handles all vocals.

Unlike their more experienced counterparts, however, Chronocide tend towards the opposite end of the sonic clarity, quality production value and razor-sharp tightness spectrum.

Neil ‘Eversor’ Erskine and throat-scraper Nothus tear off strips of braying black metal and filter it through a steel-wool veil of unharmonious grind punk, challenging by way of riffs that flirt with the notion of complexity and the d-beat’s shuffle. That Meditations sounds like it was recorded in a corrugated tin shed using an array of half-fried homemade gear muffles what might be Martyrs And Victims’ epic dynamics, taking what could have been a colossal early Darkthrone-meets-Neurosis collision in Filling Empty Skulls With Shit and burying it under eight layers of crud. The argument about how the digital cleanliness of modern recording eradicates music’s soul is ongoing; Chronocide remind us that sometimes you can go too far in the other direction.